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Things To Think About

You are excited about renovating your home, but completely overwhelmed with all of the possibilities available to you. You have traveled the internet from Houzz to Pinterest to Instagram making boards and saving photos with no clue where to start. All that you know is you want it ALL! 

Here are some key things to consider when in the critical preliminary stage of

"I want to renovate my (insert space here)".


BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! I know it sounds like a bad, scary word but you have to come up with a realistic number that you are able to invest on your project. This allows your designer to effectively plan your project and let you know what is or is not feasible. Always have a cushion available just in case. It is construction and sometimes particularly in older homes, things do arise. Make sure you have a cushion of 15 to 20 percent just in case. 


If you have been on the above mentioned sites, that is great! Make sure you have a portfolio of the spaces that you are visually drawn to. However, I do tell my clients to keep an open mind as I may see an even greater vision for you that fits your personality and way of life. Keep an open mind!


If planning a Kitchen renovation, typical construction times are 8-12 weeks depending on the scale of the project. We will go over those details with you based on scope of work. With that being said, the kitchen will not be usable for the duration of the renovation. You will need to plan how to navigate meals during this time. We can relocate the fridge to an area where you can still make salads, sandwiches etc during the project. Some clients use this as an opportunity to use the grill for certain meals. Keep this in mind.


If planning a Bath renovation, depending upon the scope of work and size of project i.e. Powder Room(small) vs. Master Bath Suite(large), it can take 3-10 weeks. Again, we will go over those details with you based on your individual project and what is involved in the execution. Just as in the kitchen you will not have use of the space for the duration of the renovation. If this is the only bath in your home, it is advised that you stay with a relative or friends during this process. If you have other baths in your home, plan on moving into that bath for the duration of the project. 


Materials selections can be a daunting task but it is very necessary and can be the life or death of a project if not done in a timely manner. Everything should be selected and finalized before contract execution. This way all materials can be ordered and staged in anticipation for job start. Most clients believe it or not get caught up in the small details like cabinet hardware or paint color. Trust your designer and your instincts, but mainly your designer on your final decisions. The end goal is a space that soothes the soul, is functional, and yes garners bragging rights!


Opinions, opinions! Everyone has one, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your best friend, dare I go on. Remember, you have hired a professional to execute your plans. It is ok to hear the opinions of loved ones, but remember this is your home. When you are by yourself in your lime green bathroom that your mom absolutely loves and fought tooth and nail for you to have against your paid professionals suggestion, you will be stuck when the trades leave to re-paint. Listen to your designer! Their opinion counts and cost more than the free one your loved ones will give.


Finally by the way, sometimes a home renovation can feel like the background in this video. It can be totally overwhelming for some especially if you have never gone through major construction before. Do not worry, just keep your eyes on the prize which is the end goal, "A BEAUTIFUL NEW (insert area of home here)!"

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